Looking through the Adam catalogue in search of a small filler for an order, I saw a description of a card game “Ligretto”, fast and fun it said so I sent off for it. The most important word for describing Ligretto is “speed”. Every player has 40 cards (1 to 10 in each of the 4 colors) and tries to get rid of them as fast as. Ligretto Blue FREE P&P – No. of players: 2 – 4 Playing time: 10 minutes Age: 8 + Combine different colour sets for extra cards and new rules!.

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Description Ligretto, the fast-paced card game is now available as an app! Speed really counts, but then sometimes it’s an advantage to hold back for a second or two to let someone else open up a pack for your top Ligretto card. Pickomino – the dice game by Reiner Knizia.

For every card that is left in your Ligretto deck you ryles 2 points. In play, it can best be described as four person speed patience. Near-ties commonly occur among players discarding the same number card on a pile, but the person who was first is clearly the one rulrs card is underneath. We wish to thank Muuuuuuh for the superb translation. Speed, good deduction skills and quick reactions are necessary in this game.

Ligretto Dice: A Speedy Die-licious Game • The Game Aisle

Once a player’s hand has been completely passed through ligregto this manner, it can be reshuffled by the player who then continues to play. I bought this game.

It is also possible to score a negative value in a ligertto. Retrieved from ” lirgetto Ligretto comes in red, green, and blue packs. The players get double penalty-points for each of the cards remaining on their “stacks” and single bonus points for each card discarded in the middle during play. The column “OK” shows who already did this.


InPlayroom Entertainment began publishing the game for North America and other English-speaking countries. The most important word for describing Ligretto is “speed”.

All other cards can only ruled played on cards of the same color ligreto value is one less than that of the card you want to play. Bug Fixes for the multiplayer game New startscreen and improved startup time. If you manage to play one of the three cards from your row then you can move the top card from your Ligretto deck into the row, revealing of course the next card from your Ligretto deck.

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards faster than all the other players by discarding them in the pigretto of the table. Any 1 card that is visible can be placed out in the middle of the table immediately.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The rules are very simple. Instead of taking turns, all players play simultaneously.

This Update contains the following features: Play continues until one player has exhausted their Ligretto deck. Buying all three packs allows up to 12 players to play at a time. Friday – by Friedemann Friese. Ligretto is a card game for two to twelve players. Rrules is that it freezes up before you can finish about every third game. It can be played and enjoyed equally by children from 8 years old to adult with youth being at no disadvantage. Views Read Edit View history.


Ligretto | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

You are now able to play Ligretto on your iPhone too! You may play the 1’s on any free tules on the table. Support for all Devices added! This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. You deal out ten cards into one deck which you place face up in front of you. For every card that you have played out in the middle you get one point.

Ligretto Dice: A Speedy Die-licious Game

Now play can begin. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set oigretto, up to six family members can use this app. The 40 ligreto of each player are distributed as follows: Every player has 40 cards 1 to 10 in each of the 4 colors and tries to get rid of them as fast as possible. Pure pleasure and fun! This game is fun and addictive. Play is fast and lively, and demands attention to the cards being played by others as well as one’s own cards.

Ligretto, the fast-paced card game is now available as an app!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is done by dragging the cards from the lower bar onto the table and dropping them there. New piles can be started anytime a ‘1’ card becomes available to a player.