Make the Same Trades I Make in My Personal Account. It may surprise you but I do not make any of the trades recommended in the newsletters that I edit and. Weekly option trade recommendations, focuses on what Ken Trester calls “ undervalued options.” (Trester also writes Power Options Weekly, both seem to offer. About Ken Trester. Ken’s options success secret is startlingly simple. It’s a strategy basic to all investing. Ken only recommends cheap, underpriced options.

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We cannot and will not give individual or personal advice.

Did he has way to reduce the risk when on losing trade to reduce losses and method to set trailing to maximise the profit? If anyone would like to read up on this kennwth I have written an article here: Right now you the best trades on publication day for most option traders.

Still I rarely buy the trrester. March 1, A former computer science professor Ken has taught many popular course on options trading. I knew it had to involve credit spreads but I thought that maybe he had something I do not know about. Paperbackpages.

February 9, You will have all the information you need in advance to make the best possible buy tester sell decisions. Both myself and my publisher will make every effort to be timely in email delivery and accurate in our recommendations but you should verify all information with your broker. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Value For Price Rating from 6 votes. Marshall Garth rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Anyway, I trade equity options for my own account and more to the point I trade credit spreads almost exclusively.

January 28, Kishore Changrani marked it as to-read Sep 17, Now, In July, my tracking shows the majority of the recommended trades to be losers. As an experienced options trader you know that these option trades instantly deposit money into your trading account.

The profit potentials here are greater than in any other segment of the options market. Because I am a professional and so I take high risk trades that are not appropriate for the average guy.

Option Trading Secrets by Kenneth R. Trester

If that occurs you may be forced to buy the stock. My Personal Trading Schedule and Yours. Many former students have been very successful using the strategies he espouses. It’s on page of my newest book, Sure Bet Investing It may surprise you but I do not make any of the trades recommended in the newsletters that I edit and you receive.


Zhugang Liu rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Below is a yearly trsster.

Speaker Details

And is there anyone do a back test with his rule to see if it is profitable after applying those rule? I tried it earlier this year. October 9, I tried Maximum once and it was a disgrace.

My Personal Portfolio Track Record. I do not offer personal trading advice but I will tell you that I personally spread my money out over many kenmeth positions, and over time to minimize worst case stock collapses. Options are still traded by market makers, real sharks, and when the letter issues the reco, all the members jump at the same time. Read the marketing material then look at the results.

Trading with Ken Trester

Return to Book Page. I uploaded the previous six years of performance history to excel. I urge you to do the same if you decide to trade with me. We respond within 72 hours; usually 24 but not over weekends. December 12,