Offered in Mx8bit, the K9F4G08U0F is a 4G-bit NAND Flash Memory with spare M-bit. The device is offered in V VCC. Its NAND cell. K9G8G08U0A Datasheet, K9G8G08U0A PDF, FLASH MEMORY. K9G8G08U0A datasheet, K9G8G08U0A datasheets, K9G8G08U0A pdf, K9G8G08U0A price, K9G8G08U0A buy, K9G8G08U0A stock.

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The tray itself is made of conductive material to reduce the danger of damage to the die from electrostatic discharge. Instead, the SmartMedia driver will write the page data to a new page, along with its logical sector number and related information. I don’t consider it as “extra” or something because: So while a unit may have three bit cells, it only exposes three bit cells, and corrects a few bit errors per block.

Row and column addresses already exceed the bus width, and several transfer cycles are used to select a block; they do not fill all 16 bits as well, so there is already some extra space.

The capacity of flash cards is just a consequence. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I don’t think so. SAMSUNG retains a wafer map of each wafer as part of the probe records along with a lot summary of wafer yields for each lot probed.

NAND Flash > MLC-large Block

I’ve actually seen lots of devices that are not only not powers of two, but not even non-power-of-two multiples of power-of-two blocks. They aren’t uncommon, but they are really only used when robust error correction and detection is required. I’ve updated the question with an example. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


When the PC writes a logical sector, the page holding data for that sector will not be immediately erased. The error-correction logic doesn’t count in either number. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Email Required, but never shown.

K9G8G08U0A – SAMSUNG – IC Chips – Kynix Semiconductor

Some other topologies, such as 3D stacking, also result in odd factors. I ddatasheet I did provide an example. It is not formatting nor partitioning overhead: NC stands for No Connection. However with newer 3 bit per cell MLC flash the k98g08u0a difference isn’t as great, and the need for error correction is greater.

Yes, they could make one, but it wouldn’t increase their bottom line. The difference between 8 GiB and 8 GB can also be formatting overhead. But yes, not all flash is power of two. There’s little advantage to supporting sizes between 2 n and 2 n The chip you’ve shown is pretty standard compared to what I’ve seen: I’m curious to look at the datasheet If you look at how access to it actually works, a decision to designate those extra 16 dayasheet for “out of band” usage would be your decision, not something forced on you by k9g8gg08u0a architecture of the device.

So, what prevents a vendor from adding a bit more rows or columns? Sorry, but this is simply wrong.

I have 9kg8g08u0a seen any flash chips with capacity not confined to the strict i. But the capacity of mass storage device is less than that of the flash because of spare blocks which will be used in place of bad blocks, which are present on any new MLC NAND device and are appearing through its life. Can you provide a few examples?


Samsung products are not intended for use in life support, critical care, medical, safety equipment, or similar applications where Product failure could result in loss of life or personal or physical harm, or any military or defense application, dataxheet any governmental procurement to which special terms or provisions may apply.

The factorization of the number of sectors shows that there’s no logic in it, the numbers are chosen to give a round number in GB, not GiB. The convention of flash chips having byte blocks goes back into the s; it’s not just “some newer chips”. Oh, I’m very sorry, my comment should have been much better 3AM, you know If it had, for example, pages, then it would be the one I’m searching for. While the latter may be very well justified by minimizing overhead of addressing, the former is puzzling for me.

Is flash chip capacity really limited to the powers of 2? If you buy a 1TB hard disk and it appears to hold 1 MB, technically you’re not swindled, k9g8g08u0s when you actually did mean and expected 1 MiB. Manufacturers have the same issue when producing silicon dies.

Sign up using Facebook. Further, in the rush to increase capacity some reliability is exchanged, but fixed with error detection.

They are typically more expensive than the byte block size parts, though, which again points to cost efficiency of silicon being the reason most flash favors power of two.