A Clinical Evaluation of Materials for Interocclusal Registration in Centric Relation The following conditions for the record of posterior section were tested . The initial resistance of interocclusal recording materials to closure changed from N to N, and a rapid rise in the working time was seen in all elastomers. Statement of Problem: Interocclusal recording materials should have good dimensional stability for precise articulation. Purpose:The aim of this in vitro study.

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There is a higher risk of distortion due to interference by the soft tissues materrials the margins, which can be compressed and may give origin to errors on cast mounting, if special attention is not taken during impression.

Evaluation of vertical accuracy of interocclusal records. Moreover, successful treatment is highly dependent on precise mounting of the casts in the articulator. Maintenance of vertical dimension of occlusion was always checked by visualization of tripodism obtained by the anterior and posterior occlusal contacts.

Five readings were taken for each sample at each time interval and the mean was considered to measure the dimensional change by comparing with that of the original measurement in the die.

Clinical evaluation of interocclusal recording materials in bilateral free end cases

The samples were measured using interocclusa, optical microscope with a micrometer provision. Special care was taken not to change the vertical dimension of occlusion at the moment of interoccusal recording. However, statistically significant differences were not observed among the other materials.


Comparative evaluation of dimensional stability of three types of interocclusal recording materials: Keyf F, Altunsoy S.

Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials.

Advanced Search Users Online: An In Vitro Study. Dimensional stability is influenced by both the “material” and “time” factors and is found to decrease ihterocclusal the time factor increased. Excess wax was removed and the procedure was repeated. Millstein PL, Hsu C. The materials used in the study were polyvinylsiloxane Virtualzinc oxide eugenol paste Superbite and Bite registration wax Alumax.

An interocclusal record made of a combination of wax and acrylic resin. Karthikeyan K, Annapurni H.

Study of the accuracy of different recording materials. Retentive areas of the lower casts were relieved for preparation of five self-polymerized acrylic resin bases. Dental Materials, Properties and Manipulation.

In this study, the horizontal and vertical stability of the casts allowed their manual articulation in maximum intercuspation 1,3,4,6providing measurements that represented the standards for comparison to the different types of records evaluated.

The patients were instructed to occlude their teeth normally in maximum intercuspation.

A total of 30 samples were made with each group consisting of ten samples. In a second stage, the records were interposed between the casts and fixed with wooden rods and naterials, so that the measurements could be made.


J Am Dent Assoc ; Cylinders of 7 wax were softened with a heated spatula and set in place during the clinical procedures.

However, the accuracy of different interocclusal record materials to articulate digital models has yet to interoclusal evaluated. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. These results are consistent with those reported by other authors, who stated that elastomers may suffer distortion at the time of cast joining, due to the compressive force generally exercised to maintain the casts in position 5,11, Braz Dent J ; Clinical evaluation of interocclusal recording materials in bilateral free end cases.

How to cite this article: Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials. A method of recording the interocclusal relationship of the teeth. Figure 6 shows that condensation silicone presented the greatest differences compared to the standards.


Clinical evaluation of the accuracy of interocclusal recording materials. Recorfing of 7 wax of uniform thickness were placed on the alveolar margin crest to create space for the alginate under the plate. This article has been cited by.

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