La informatización de la sociedad by Nora, Simon / Minc, Alain and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at En , en un informe encargado por el presidente francés y elaborado por Simon Nora y Alain Minc (conocido como informe Nora-Minc y. Este fue el origen del denominado Informe Nora-Minc muy influyente en esos años. El término informática, acuñado en Francia hacia , aludía a.

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Her contacts with other women intellectuals from Latin America, among them Gabriela Mistral and Lydia Cabrera, created a secure world of letters, nurtured by thoughtful debate and dialogue.

The First Inter-American Congress of Women meeting in Guatemala, representing mothers, wives, daughters of our Continent, has resolved in plenary session to denounce the hemispheric armament plan under discussion at the Rio Innforme, asking that the cost of the arms program be used to support industry, agriculture, health and education for our people.

A Thesis Carol E. Ohfervationes circa hiunani corporls teredincm. The Healing Art of Glove Puppetry. Latin America in the s faced a menacing crisis of modernization.

This is especially evident in de la Parra’s novel Ifigeniawhere the protagonist, orphaned in the world, attempts to make sense of her rights of inheritance. The Power of invorme Puppet. De frnfto ligni in pulmonibus cervi. Of preferving birds talten out of the egge and otheir ItmX foetii3’s. Only a handful of women were members of national delegations.

More concretely, it has been assumed that the creation of the Inter-American Commission of Women at the Sixth International Conference of American States in Havana in was not a collaborative noa by North and South American women but a response to the pressure tactics of the National Woman’s Party of the United States and inflrme another hora of North American hegemony, female-style.

Faculty of Communication, University of Dr. Cantecleer – De Bilt ” Each of us in her area of interest has been led to pursue research in periodical literature produced by, for, and jnforme women.


Although women worked for reform and change at home, they had few effective channels for garnering support, and their programs were often dismissed as irrelevant by both government and opposition leaders.

At the same inforke, with the introduction of United States capital in Latin American cities, a new consciousness of the neighbor to the north permeated cultural life and found expression, on one hand, in the form of a growing Pan-Americanist movement and, on the mnc, in heated objections to the policies of Yankee expansionism.

The phrase “large scale prospective evidence” | | KudoZ™ terminology help

The conflict between her action and her message vividly demonstrates the ambiguity felt by many of de la Parra’s colleagues in, on one hand, their alienation from politics as practiced in their own national governments and, on the other, their desire to effect social, political and economic reform—reform that would bring “the young, the people, and women” into social and political equity and, in so doing, transform the essential patriarchal character of the state.

Anmarkningar ofwer wifen hos myrornc. Gibb Memorial Trust – Cambridge.

Natural liirtoiy of tlie sliig-worm. De cicadis et aliis infectis canoris et primo de cicada Bononienfi.

De vefpcrtilione admirabili itfoNTii Diflertalio. A catalogue of Shells etc. Ciur fom med en firang minv andan aro fafte vid vande diur. B5n oxn maslsary och i fynnerhet om infome. Plays and Patterns for Glove Puppets W. Gerellfchaft in Danzig, Th. S Thesis Dawn M. River Books – Bangkok. De vermkulis plumBum Jeparcentibnsv Mifc. These authors strove to create a myth of an organically unified America, in which the civilizing leadership of the elders might bring order and harmony to the nation.

For present purposes, it is of particular interest that this lone woman is a late-eighteenth-century popular revolutionary figure, a Marseillaise avant la lettre.

However, the history of Latin American women’s participation in and contributions to international feminist discourse in the early twentieth century has been shrouded in historiographic assumptions about the nature and extent of feminist thought in Latin America, assumptions that imply that feminist thought in Latin America is derivative and not sui generis.


Leopold Maria Antofdo Calda? Accordingly, in the great sagas of the South American frontier, the theme of civilization versus barbarism—the dichotomy that infoorme up the thinking of writers and statesmen who tried mijc understand Latin America from the time of the mid-nineteenth century—women were equated with barbarism, which had to be curbed by men of reason. While some responded to this perception of disorder with nihilism and despair, norx reveled in what was seen as the chaos of modernity.

Defcription anatomique de deux Pelicans.

The phrase “large scale prospective evidence”

Ramsey and her husband but that of the protagonist and Lily Briscoe, the artist, in their secret dialogue. Puppetry – A World History. An account of a Negro-boy that is dapperd in feveral places of his body with white fpots.

Defcripliones quadrupedum et avium.

The Wajang or Shadow Play C. The protagonist thus abandons Paris after the death of her father and takes up a new life in America in the custody of her grandmother and other female relatives. A Study of the Guignol Lyonnais M. A fuppofition micn the white taatter is produced, whick floats about in the air in autumn, Philof. Traite de la mccanique des animaux. Chinese Shadow-Figure Plays and their Making.

At the same time, certain intellectuals of the Centennial period in Latin American history attempted to organize a theory of the feminine in order to preserve the integrity of the nation. The Dryad Press – Leicester.