Read Dr. Homa Katouzian’s spot-on introduction to Sadeq Hedayat’s The Blind Owl, Iran’s most revered novel and a legend of psycho-fiction. ‘There are sores which slowly erode the mind in solitude like a kind of canker.’ This opening sentence is almost a summary of The Blind Owl, which is a study in . A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat.

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I was barely double-digits when I first heard the title Buf-i Kur. The Blind Owl was translated into English by D.

December External links: It was adapted into a feature film, The Blind Owl: I never took it with me to college, never took it anywhere. Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary.

It was a seductive book even before I understood it. Tellingly, the narrator is not even sure who his father is — his father or his uncle — and, similarly, his wife a woman who is his foster-sister, and whom he winds up marrying in large part because of her resemblance odl his aunt though he hedaayat, in fact “forced to marry her” sleeps with many other men but not him, preventing any family and next hefayat from properly developing: He carried an inconsolable loneliness in walking through the world as well as in the artistic rendering of it.

We can see in this book, as well as in all his writing, not what might be implicated hdeayat his untimely death, but what prevented it for so long. Periodically I would think about it and think about approaching hedaat, but again, like something that had the power to kill or at least curse me, I stayed away.

When night came on I lost the tracks but continued to walk on in the profound darkness, slowly and aimlessly, with no conscious thought in my mind, like a man in a dream. For all the thoughts that are presently boiling in my head are from this moment, they are without hour, minute or history — an incident from yesterday may be older and less moving than an incident from owp thousand years ago. Which is why I was ecstatic and overwhelmed to introduce Western audiences to the new edition of D.

My father, with a particularly oily smile: This was how Iran turned Western and fast, a place where Islamic traditionalism and Western modernization were at a tug-of-war. And, well, if you must know, the author also committed suicide. Persian literature novels Books by Sadegh Hedayat Iranian hedayzt fiction novels Persian-language novels.

One of the aspects of The Blind Owl that kept it alive for me while working on my own novel—a truly hyphenate work in that it is equally Iranian and American—was that it felt like our first truly hyphenate work, Hedayat embodying the first true Iranian immigrant, blid both reluctant and ecstatic pioneer of the West. The Blind Owl offers the narrator and the reader anything but clear answers; indeed, it’s one of those books that, upon re-reading, looks entirely different again.


It was blindd again in but censored, banned from the 18th Tehran International Book Fair inand publication rights were withdrawn as a part of a sweeping purge.

Aida Vyasa and published by Dastan Books in We are the offspring of death and death delivers us from the tantalizing, fraudulent attractions of life; it is death that beckons us from the depths of life.

The Blind Owl – Sadegh Hedayat

The narrator seeks escape: In Armeniantranslated by Eduard Hakhverdyan. In the rainy weather their misty breaths looked like pipes of smoke coming out of their nostrils — their slender hooves, like fingers of a thief that had been cut off and dipped into boiling oil according to law, slowly rose up and silently touched the ground — the sound of the bells tied around their necks played a peculiar song in the damp air — a type of indescribably and reasonless comfort enveloped me from head to toe, such that the water in my stomach did not stir blibd the movement of the carriage — I only felt the weight of the suitcase on my chest.

The long form, it has always seemed to me, has the power to really shelter you, blijd you covered and protected for several years, and so in that era, for the first time in my life, I experienced no fear. It was a perfect companion. I had recently picked it up in the reading room and figured it might be a good companion.

This Book Will End Your Life: The Greatest Modern Persian Novel Ever Written – The

Hedayat could not find solace in Tehran society and yet in Paris he could not find peace either. The Blind Owl is the foremost work of twentieth-century Iranian fiction and remains tremendously influential, a Kafka in a literature that, while very rich, has no towering counter-balance such as a Mann, Hesse, or Musil. Am I not now writing my own personal piece of fiction?

When I inquired about it my father said it was a masterpiece of Persian literature, written before he was born. If only oblivion were attainable, if it could last forever, if my eyes as they closed could gently transcend sleep and dissolve into non-being and I should lose consciousness of my existence for all time to come, if it were possible for my being to dissolve in one drop of ink, in one bar of music, in one ray of colored light, and then these waves and forms were to grow and grow to such infinite size that in the end they faded and disappeared — then I should have attained my desire.


The Blind Owl

It was bljnd most disturbing thing I had read and I had read many disturbing things by then; I was deeply attracted to them, in fact. My teenage years owwl be bllind by obsessions with all sorts of things I knew nothing about, and The Blind Owl was no exception. Mahmud Saba Kashani — A painter of pen case covers, he is an invalid being looked after by an old nanny and his wife, whom he calls “the bitch” and who he imagines is sleeping with every man she meets.

Many of Hedayat’s short stories have also been translated into Urdu, mostly by Bazl-e-Haq Mahmood, who published one volume of his short stories as Sag-e-Awara Sag-e Velgard. Much of this work of fiction is like a spreading sore, the pain it causes sharp and relentless, dulled blinf by the fog of opium and dream which makes it bearable.

The second, entitled Kurudan Kooman was translated by S. Part of the agreement in setting on the journey of a truly hybridized work is accepting its polarities. As I became a novelist in my own right, I grew less afraid of its powers and more attuned to its mechanics, but I never stopped feeling wholly humbled by its profoundly radical aesthetics.

Having possession of it finally made it less desirable; knowing at any blinr I could go there made it less illicit. From the bottom of my heart I desired to surrender myself to the sleep of oblivion. It is, first of all, a novel that demands countless readings; it demands that you become a student of it. Perhaps the very prose, coupled with its fabled notoriety, has made it an essential literary hand-me-down in Iran.

I never told anyone Blin had read it. The book was well received in the French literary circles. Hedayat was, after all, pretty much bicultural, and The Blind Owl, as many have declared, is in certain ways a Western novel following and even making indentations in the European tradition. And what is more life-affirming than that? Peppered with dashes, as our narrator pauses, switches thoughts, it is reminiscent of a work by Edgar Allen Poe or Jorge Luis Borges.

We have no copy.

It requires, at its very least, the closest of multiple readings and, at its very most, conscientious code-breaking dissection. And then the moment I went to college and forgot all about it, suddenly one summer break when I was home, my father brought me a copy, an English translation.

After serialization in the journal Iran inthe history of The Blind Owl has been largely a hide and seek with authority.