Han Jian was appointed chief coach of the Badminton Academy of hold of his book “Basic Skills of BADMINTON’, which he co-authored with. Basic Skills of Badminton [Ooi Lay Beng Han Jian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prepared for the Royal Navy in association with the Badminton. Association of movements of all the basic skills e.g. serve, return of serve, overhead shot.

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Use the same leg that you use to ski,ls the final step to push back and go for the next shot 3. Learning the basic skills of the game is a must for every beginner and player who aspires to become a world class player one day. Malaysian Citizen of the World.

Badminton Books

Thanks for the link! The link is very informative and for a short time, I tried to get his book for footwork. Mar 6, Messages: Click here for more Too bad he is still struggling. Han Jian was a little man, but what a dynamo. It was there before when I visited it months ago.

Sep 21, Messages: His accomplishments include winning the following: Hope you still find these lessons useful.

He has been very consistent in his performance and was credited with reaching no less than the quarter-finals in all the tournaments he participated.


Jan 5, Messages: This book offers great instruction for learning the basics of badminton in a well laid out and easy to read book.

Apr 17, Bssic Click here for a FREE account! The V between the thumb and forefinger should lie along skolls top side of the handle in line with the shaft and the outer side of the frame. The Milo sponsored website address is as follows: If you keep those things in mind you should be able to find great books that will stick with the topics you are most interested in learning about.

That’s you could read it but not others. Oct 3, Messages: If you can’t even hold the racket properly, forget about everything else.

It covers all aspects of badminton and is a good guide for those who want to learn more about the game. A new base of support and a new centre of gravity has to be established in order to go for the next shot 7. Transfer the body weight in the direction you want to go.

First of all you need to remember to be specific, are you looking for a general informational slills on badminton, do you need badminton drills, education on championships and tournament winners. Try not to come to a complete stop. Punch Gunalan, who is a member of the IBF Council and who was a Malaysian champion himself during his playing days, considers Han Jian’s footwork as his strong point and no doubt we can learn this from his e-lessons.


On most occasions, he either reached the SF or F or won the tournament outright. In the course of a game, a player often has to adjust or change his grip in order to cope with different situations – defend, attack, lob, drop, net – that crop up on court.

Never stand flat-footed or with your legs straight. Because badminton is very popular in many different countries you need to be sure the book you have found is written or offered in the language basid speak and read.

Do you already have an account? Players, especially beginners, may wish to benefit from the coaching experience of the Chinese singles maestro, Han Jian, who arrived in Malaysia in to become its national coach and stayed jiah to uian develop the game in Malaysia for many years now.

Learn Badminton Basics from Han Jian

Take first step with left leg. The buttof the racket should not jut out from your hand. Yes, my password is: The pictures are of great quality and the badmniton is simple and easy to follow.

The grip should not be too tight or too loose.