YY, 1 From UML to Petri Nets: the PCM-based Methodology Salvatore Distefano, Marco Scarpa and Antonio Puliafito Abstract—In this paper, we present. Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Colored Petri Net (CPN) have a lot of advantages D. SalvatoreFrom UML to Petri Nets: The PCM-Based Methodology. Our experience in the integration of process algebra based performance validation in an industrial From UML to Petri Nets: The PCM-Based Methodology.

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A review Tanuja ShaileshK. Then, we submitted of 0. To refer these transitions, we define the following sets: Moreover, a prs policy [27] is associated to the timed catch this semantics, we make a distinction among steps transitions DTi and ITp,qsuch that the work done is not directly using the resource o so in numberand steps lost when the activity is resumed after a preemption occurs.

Such BLPN are composed generic step, it would be really hard to specify the cor- of two blocks: The specific access management policy scheduler, buffer policy, CSM is based on the SPT profile and can be mapped into etc. Addison Tk Longman Publishing Co. Performance modelling and analysis of real time systems: It is always followed the elements and the information necessary to evaluate by a PMergeStep that collects all the branches incom- the performance of the selected independent part of the ing from the matching PDeciderStep.

In this way, bugs or unsatisfactory perfor- latter step. The work made by OMG The intermediate model approach provides flexibility to the Object Management Groupin particular the specification methodology allowing to use different analysis techniques of Pdtri Unified Modeling Language [3], and its sudden for evaluating the performance of a software architecture.


Semantic Scholar estimates that this publication has 56 citations based on the available data. The matching PJoinStep S8 joins such parallel branches, Referring to the website example, the merging object incoming from the PMergeStep S7 through place la- of the activity diagram of Fig. Remember me on this computer.

Showing of 29 references. The required measures it may be defined as a sub-scenario, at any level of nesting.

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Murray WoodsideDorina C. Software architecture Web application. The The approach we proposed in feom, [14] splits the transition transformation from UML is divided into two sequential from the UML design domain to the performance domain steps: YY, 15 40 0.

An open workload can be further specified by detailed sub-component dia- OpenWorkload has a stream of requests that arrives grams hierarchically nested. If the request is well-formed, the website sends detailed in [7], exclusively applied on places.

YY, 8 4. For the time being, three policies have been im- steps of a scenario. The latter are software components plemented: Petri net Search for additional papers on this topic.

From UML to Petri Nets: The PCM-Based Methodology – Semantic Scholar

YY, 12 of pending requests, loss probabilities and response time of that can also download music. The access policy of the Website scenario is in the following. The object diagram ted to the website application, three of them are concur- describes a specific instance of the PCM meta-model de- rently processed and, at most, other two are buffered, while picted in the Fig.


The com- the user Sending Banner while processing the incoming position operation we adopt is a simplified version of that request. Skip to main content. Our example contains two workloads: YY, 3 use case, activity, statechart, and interaction SPT-annotated ular decomposition of the software architecture under diagrams, while the architecture of the computing system exam.

He has [29] A. The intermediate model is translated into a performance model which is subsequently evaluated.

Starting from such object diagram, the the exceeding ones are refused by the system. If and only if all the parallel jobs, generated by the object are always PTransitionSteps characterizing the PForkStep matching the PJoinStep o, netx their probability to execute the corresponding branches.

See our FAQ for additional information. The from the original UML model. Conflicts, and problems on labels may arise if two action.

From UML to Petri Nets: The PCM-Based Methodology

He coor- [15] S. In section 6 an type. Moreover, we assumed that phases. As shown in Fig.

YY, 4 PerformanceContext pc name: To validate the proposed technique, we provide an in-depth analysis of a web application for music streaming. We omit tives are available, according to the project requirements: The former models the policy regulating and logical protected-access entities. The executions, the o successor step can be performed. At the paper time he is a post doc researcher at the University of Messina.