Showfoto logo Showfoto is a stand alone Photo Editor based on digiKam Image Editor. Showfoto is a part of digiKam project. digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool. Maybe I am misunderstanding something; but, it is my understanding that there is a pdf instructions manual that one must install in DigiKam.

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This opens a window which contains some of the most frequently used basic editing options:. Now select Eigikam from 2 to 5 stars. The Theme Selection Dialog 9.

Every image matching the coordinates of the area will be displayed inside the main window. Depth Determine the color depth in bits. Some choices affect performance and file size, so read the screen carefully to decide what you really want, but all of the decisions can be changed later, so accepting the defaults is safe if you’re not sure. Flash Export tool Advanced Search Criteria 2. Bring color saturation back to these images by manipulating the hue and saturation sliders.


Digital Cameras and Linux. Categories are a way of organizing your albums by a common label. Creating a new album by clicking the New Album button in the toolbar.

If you select Restore photographyou can fine-tune the algorithms used on your resized image and improve the quality of the end product. If you need to perform certain actions on a large number of files at once, use batch processing.


The basics are pretty simple: Y Ratio These ratios match most of the common paper sizes used to print photographs. Set the target folder to hold the resulting images. The Transform menu offers the crop, rotate, flip, and resize functions. To queue images for batch processing and perform the actual processing, proceed as follows:.

To tag more then one picture at once, use the Ctrl key. In addition to the Album view, there are:. Determine which part of your collection should be archived by selecting nandbook and tags.

Channel Mixer The channel mixer tool provides habdbook alternative way of converting colored images to black and white. In digiksm to the Album view, there are: Tags to filter the photos in your collection by arbitrary metadata tags.

The result is strikingly different from the original image. List of Figures 6.

Chapter Managing Your Digital Image Collection with DigiKam

Apply raindrop effects to handbopk image. Digikam is a powerful and flexible organisational environment with the ability to proof and process the best of your shots.

Selected photographs appear with inverted colors. Set a selection title and image, font, and background properties. Digikam is an easy but powerful photo management and re-touching application.

The Color menu allows you to manage all kinds of different color-related settings. Digikam provides several tools to simplify some tasks.

Note that this option might be considerably slower than a simple resize operation. Click New Album and provide the information yandbook by Digikam. Rotate rotates by multiples of 90 degrees. File, Album, Tags Search for names of albums, tags or the filenames of pictures.

Downloading Pictures from the Camera The method Digikam provides for this is its light table view: With this information digiKam is able to illustrate and search photographs by their location and display them on a globe. Properties Use this tab to access properties assigned to your images, such as file properties permissions, ownership, modification date, etc. Handbok can assign more than one tag to each photograph. Editing tags and comments can be tedious. Search for image properties like date, rating, file habdbook, color depth and a lot more.


Show Geolocation Click on the Geolocation tab on the right side to open the globe. List of Examples 2.

Install DigiKam pdf manual ???

These show metadata, hndbook data, versioning data, and more. The Successful Signup Flickr page The Composition Guide helps to create a crop selection that results in a visually pleasing image. Downloading Pictures from a Camera. Select the text justification and decide whether the text should be rotated and to what degree.

digikam [Slackermedia Handbook]

If you want to please someone, a custom calendar can be a nice gift. Hanndbook following is a small selection of the available tools. Click Download and select the destination from the list, or create a new album with New Album which automatically suggests a filename with the current date. Table of Contents 1.

If the camera is not listed there, remove the idgikam medium from the camera and use a card reader device either an external or internal one.