The courses by ASSIMIL are the same used by my grandfather to study languages years ago. But they are still excellent courses. Listen to the CD’s while. Assimil-Il Nuovo Inglese Senza Sforzo Corso Assimil Inglese Avanzato English Please Assimil francese pdf. 4 CD audio) + Perfezionamento del francese. Il Corso Completo di Inglese English for Italians fornisce gli strumenti che permettono di cominciare a parlare fin dalle prime lezioni.

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This week is my one-year-anniversary of my new English learning at LingQ. The rest of the time I spend at the site, reading and reviewing words. I’ve now spent some 30 hours here in total and I can already read wikipedia, news and other articles in Spanish almost without any use of dictionary well, I look up about 1 word in 50 when reading articles I import to LingQ’s workdesk. A very very useful audio book to start learning Spanish with, by Michele Thomas, he shows the structure of the language, and not just some common phrases as usually such “teachers” do.

It’s funny, You’re laughing and it avznzato boring at all. What I found most astonishing was that I did not achieve this by memorising the lines from some phrase books, but the conversations came out quite naturally from my mouth. I am allowing myself to write you in French since I heard your radio interview and your French is impeccable!

E’ un ottima sistemazione per me e la mia media scolastica ora come ora ma, generalmente parlando, penso che questo dimostri quanto siano inutili questi corsi!

English for Italians | Corso Completo di Inglese in Download

Non essendo in grado di capire il contesto generale, le mie lacune restavano sempre le stesse. I tell people that you will pick words and phrases without meaning to just by simply listening and reading the text a view times. I took a few years of French at high-school, which of course did not take me anywhere. And even though, avamzato first time my undergraduate advisor asked me to read a 5 page technical paper, I spent almost one month to be able to give him an answer about it.

  DRC 8052N PDF


Sto imparando lo spagnolo ma non vedo l’ora di imparare altre lingue! Non so a chi altri scrivere, ma dovevo proprio dirvi quanto mi piace questo sito.

I create dynamic learning plans with them and I recommend resources and activities appropriate to their learning style, their objectives, way of life. No question, “The best language learning system ever”.

Seven years ago, I took Toeic for the first time. Sono rimasti tutti intlese dal sito, che ha fatto rinascere in loro la passione per le lingue dopo sette anni di studio che l’avevano spenta a forza di monotoni esercizi di comprensione e programmi noiosi. I just wanted to write a thank you letter to the LingQ team: The content of your video blogs are avanzago inspiring my experience and my personal observations led me to the same conclusions regarding language learning.

Ieri ero da Barnes and Noble una importante catena di librerie americane ndt. My progress snapshot shows it, too. Then I came across the Linguist now LingQ and decided to join. Disse che era la sua prima volta, quindi sono intervenuta.

My mission is to unlock people’s potential to speak French! I also enjoy your blogs each day which help to keep me motivated.

avanzwto I’m sure you get a thousand of these a day but I would just like to say I really appreciate your knowledge and passion for languages. Tutti dovrebbero conoscervi ragazzi. Sono molto interessata a entrare nel servizio diplomatico britannico e quindi ho trovato molto interessante la parte sul servizio diplomatico canadese. Well, I’d better get back at it! Stll, I have benefited a lot from both approaches.


By the way, I thought you might like to hear that I have recently started doing pretty much all of my Spanish studies through LingQ simply because it works so well for me. Merry Christmas and from the most possible the best for sounds weird in English; in German: As a language freak I have invested a lot of time and money in language learning materials during the last ten years and, for me, NO system is as complete as LingQ.

By visiting the site, you agree to our cookie policy. Offrivano una promozione con un codice sconto per un abbonamento di 6 mesi.

Last year, I angrily decided I would study English acanzato every single day until I became fluent. I have just signed up for LingQ to learn French language. I like Your podcasts very much and I really enjoy to listen them.

However, all of this proved to be difficult to use in the classroom. I find LingQ very handy, it really saves tons of time and makes me feel more confident knowing I have everything I need to learn i. Two years ago, after giving birth to my second baby, I felt like studying English again.