Desdemona Carlisle has loved Harry Braxton since the day their eyes first met. But Harry acts as if they are the best of friends, and nothing more. Buy a cheap copy of As You Desire book by Connie Brockway. In Connie Brockway’s mesmerizing tale of romance and adventure, a notorious treasure hunter. In Connie Brockway’s mesmerizing tale of romance and adventure, a notorious treasure hunter realizes that the greatest jewel of all is the woman before his.

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She stuck a finger under the wretched chadar, the face veil her captors insisted she wear at all times, and scratched.

Yet it was okay that he had lovers during that three years that deslre said he loved her. From the Paperback edition. The setting was fabulous, and made me think of Death on the Nile, apart I kind of enjoyed this one.

Posted December 29, by Ames in Reviews 1 Comment. I loved so many things about this book.

As You Desire — All About Romance

After getting a little restless with desige lately, particularly historical ones, I’m glad to have read this one. OK – full review. But its not the dark desert prince she imagines in her fanciful fantasies- it’s only Harry. The romance is good.

She was not a specimen. He is equally entranced by what he sees as an English rose in the middle of the desert. Keira Soleore November 12, at 6: More about Connie Brockway. I suppose you could do better?

Kidnapped, drugged, and about to aas sold to the highest bidder, Desdemona Carlisle is having a hell of a time maintaining her English pride.


I”m sorry but they certainly weren”t going to buy me. The secondary characters were surprisingly pleasant and very real.

View all 58 comments. I just recently reread this and it was as good now as it was when it first came out. And yet, the scars from his past still linger causing him to reject the longings of his heart. Harry Braxton, a rogue living in disgrace and shame after having been sent down from Oxford, has abandoned England forever to carve a very successful life for himself in discovering and selling Egyptian antiquities.

She is this prodigy child that was valued for what she knew and represented,rather for what she was. Harry Braxton is a rogue, a scoundrel, and a born opportunist–who has already broken Desdemona’s heart once before.

As You Desire

The how, was what made him quite remarkable!. My first Connie Brockway, and thank goodness, I have her others in my stockpile. Total number of sex scene pages: Brokway fop nor rake, he oozed a devastatingly sexy strength and hypnotized me conniee the very beginning.

Harry “you are my country” Braxton was a gorgeous and delicious hero. This is one of my favorite historical romances! From inside the book. Subjects Fiction Romance Historical Fiction.

If you prefer the trope of the man really desirf and pursing the heroine, then this book, as charming as it is, might not be for you. But she’s been there for several days and I rated it a C. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Why have you gone from him who could teach the sun of burning?

As You Desire

This wasn’t without flaws, but it left with me with the happiest of happy sighs. Once they”d arrived, he had plopped her on her feet for her unveiling and, his young voice flush with the pride of conquest, hailed the camp.


In Connie Brockway’s mesmerizing tale of romance and adventure, a notorious treasure hunter realizes that the greatest jewel of all is the woman before his eyes. Return to Book Page. She felt like a specimen, standing there under his scrutiny. Aug 02, Carisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked the unusual setting, the adventure. A child prodigy, Desdemona could read by the time she was two and lost her childhood to parents more concerned with developing and displaying her remarkable talents than in allowing her to be young and carefree.

And ex m Egyptian setting and archeology and wonderful heroine. A moment later he”d thrown her atop what–judging from the smell and lumps–could only be a camel. They were the sellers. From that point on, I was hooked. Their banter is pitch-perfect, and the HEA feels well-deserved perhaps a little rushed. What a charming, refreshing book. How can a mere mortal man stand a chance if even the gods are so enamored?

June November 12, at 7: A child prodigy, her parents forced her to study languages and traveled around the world to show off her talents. I thought the love story for her and the American Cal was far better than the one with Harry and Diz. Your mouth is a sweet well sealed against me, keeping me thirsting for the clarity of your kiss. He never fails to do so.