Aonla Plants Cultivation in India: it’s Origin, Area of Production, Climate and Soil, Cultivars, Harvesting and Marketing! Family: Euphorbiaceae. Aonla or amla or. Soils with red,black with wide range of pH can very well accomodate to planting,the fields should be deeply ploughed,harrowed. Besides fruits, leaves, bark, and even seeds are being used for various purposes. The total area under Aonla in Andhra Pradesh is about 4,

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The cost components of such a model along with the basis for costing and means of financing are exhibited in Annexures I. This is an ideal variety for the preparation of products and has a great promise.

The project cost works out to around Rs. Necrosis a physiological disorder has been observed in amla fruits. Aonla plants can be grown in both Tropical and subtropical climates. Fruits are light yellowish green, medium sized fruits 30—32g. The tree is well adopted to dry regions and can also be grown in moderate alkaline soils.

Boxes should be properly nailed and transported to the desired markets.

Aonla planting should be done with more than two cultivars in alternate lines. Green manuring should be carried out in alkaline soils to improve organic matter of soil. Inter crops like green gram, black gram, cow pea and horse gram can be grown upto 8 years.


Though there are many hybrids available but to name a few are Banarasi,Chakaiya,Kanchan,francis,krishna,NA6,7,8,9 are found to give good production. A herb Bhoomi aorJa Phyllanthus niguri also belong to family Euphorbiaceae. Potassic fertilizer increased the fruit retention and quality.

Cultivation of Aonla

Fruits can be stored for a period of days under ordinary conditions. The produce has been valued at Rs. Coconut cultivation practices for India Colourful vegetables and their Markets. Artificial Propagation can also be done by the ripe fruits collected in January and dried in sun dehisce and are swept up and cleaned by winnowing.

The break even point will be reached in the 3 rd year. Sufficient humidity is required for the growth of fruit during July-August. This is average cost of one acre drip system for the crop inclusive of the cost of fertigation equipment. The fruits should be packed cultviation in wooden boxes.

Aonla Plants: Aonla Plants Cultivation in India

The field should be incorporated with 4 tonnes FYM. Predominantly small fruited seedling, Banarasi, Francis Hathijool and Chakaiya were aonl. Aonla, fruit is highly valued among indigenous medicines. The data on area under aonla cultivation are not available.

Fruits are just the size of Banarasi but with heavy and bold stone. A full grown grafted aonla tree with good bearing habit yields from to kg sonla per year.

Plants up to 2 years of age -at 10 days interval. It belongs to the family Euphorbeaceae. The rate of interest would have to be negotiated with the financing bank.


The fruits have the richest source of vitamin C mg in gm of fruits. A well maintained Aonla tree yields up to an age of 70 years. Indeterminate shoots are produced on main shoots, later on, flowers are borne on new definite branches. The crop shall be benefited by giving irrigations at the time of Ml bloom and set.

Grafted or budded plants are planted meter apart under square system of layout during July-August or February. It contains ascorbic acid mg per g. This is a fruit of sub – tropical region but its cultivation in topical climate is quite successful. Propagated mostly by budding, wedge and approach grafting also practiced. It is used in the preparation of Chavanparash and other Ayurvedic medicines. Major sources for technology are: Due to fruit weight branches tend to break.

Francis variety is highly susceptible followed by Banarasi. It has a high med The demand of aonla fruit by various commercial pharmaceutical companies has taken an upward swing and there is enough incentive for tribals to collect the fruit.

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