Aasimar & Tiefling, A guidebook to the Palnetouched, is the latest in the Races of Renown series from Green Ronin Publishing. Weighing in at. This product presents additional feats, character options, prestige classes, equipment, and general roleplay suggestions for both Aasimar and Tieflings in D&D. Your Planar Adventure Begins Now! This exciting entry in the critically acclaimed Races of Renown series fully details aasimar and tieflings, as well as.

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There tiefliing nearly nine pages of new spells and more new magic items and skills. The “At Your Peril” aura cows enemies trying to attack you – at a cost of a point of willpower damage temporary, I assume. Dozens of new spells, including adaptation, magma burst, and SharaA’s scornful subjugation.

The Nergaz will make especially memorable foes. They have either a celestial or fiendish ancestry.

Aasimar & Tiefling: A Guidebook to the Planetouched (PDF Version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

Most of the spells are useful either directly for plane travelers or have effects derived from various planes such as bloom, which creates a wild magic zone. Conspicuously absent from the art credits is Jennifer Meyer, who has a few pieces in the book though some might be re-used. Geek Native uses the Skimlinks algorithm to to deploy affiliate links.

The book moves on to looking at the Aasimars and Tieflings as d20 supplements tend to look at other races. Warrior Maidens of the Valkyrie: We have a chapter of feats. This section also includes discussions of archetypes of the characters, how well they serve as specific classes, and variant rules.


The central edifice of these feats are the ancestry feats.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Please use the Login form or enter another. You need to mix a humanoid with an outsider.

At 10th level, the class gains the ability to choose worthy or unworthy, which applies significant bonuses or penalties respectively. It’s very good that we’re given the half-breed rules we need for creating more Planetouched without needing to have Bastards and Bloodlines.

Another two I’ll be using are the Shifting Horror and the Ultae. If you have a push over for a DM you might even get to play one as a character. Google Books — Loading If you have a push over for a DM you might gukdebook get to play one as a character.

You need to mix a humanoid with an outsider. You can screw up games entirely with guidwbook too — like players avoiding your carefully constructed web of plot strands by nipping off to the Abyss for a brawl. Please try again later.

How about earth ball or waterball? Her style is as nice a match to the feel of celestial creatures as Ryman’s is to fiends. I also caught a cut and paste gaffe in the class section, where it was obvious that the astral reaver text as a boilderplate and forgot to revise the class name.


There are some strange feats here – Ancestry ones. Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Minis: I think it’s better to save these, if you want to use them at all, as rare NPCs.

Dungeons and Dragons Reviewer: The fourth chapter details a number of prestige classes appropriate for planetouched characters.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to integrate planar elements into your campaign, look no further. The astral reaver is basically a marauder that specialized in waylaying planar travelers, particularly in the astral.

Wikipedia in English 2 Wikipedia: A separate entry for CR modification would be nice too as the CR does not equal the level adjustment.

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It is worth noting that the 10 level classes herein have epic progression notes, made possible by the inclusion of epic level material in the 3.

Some of the descriptive text makes me wonder if some errors didn’t slip by too. For example, poanetouched the armor and shields section has many new abilities, they also have specific armors. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data.